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CloudSolve supports businesses with their Pastel Accounting needs, to ensure that Pastel can cater for the needs as the business grows. Our main service is to host your Pastel in the Cloud. This service provides clients with the power of a trusted accounting package, plus the flexibility of the internet. CloudSolve provides access to Pastel Partner on remote cloud servers, allowing Pastel to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. CloudSolve is unique in the market by providing a comprehensive one stop service which includes the server technology and Pastel Accounting product knowledge.

CloudSolve is based in Bellville, but service clients throughout South Africa. We can service clients wherever a stable internet connection is available. CloudSolve assesses the specific needs of clients and provide custom solutions to ensure that businesses get the information they need in order to make effective decisions.

What we do... Pastel in the Cloud


Pastel is an accounting system that has been trusted by many businesses for many years. Business has however changed with more and more business that needs access to their accounting data online when away from the office.

CloudSolve hosts your Pastel on remote cloud servers to ensure clients have access to Pastel from anywhere with internet access. CloudSolve primarily focuses on Pastel Accounting and Pastel Payroll, and further aims to provide a comprehensive set of cloud services to cater for the needs of small to medium size businesses. We aim to web enabling legacy desktop applications to provide business with the tools they need to be effective in the future.

Who benefits from our Services



Businesses have trusted and relied on Pastel Accounting for many years but have been limited due to it being desktop software. Businesses increasingly need unlimited online access to their accounting data to be effective.

Many of the online accounting systems do not however measure up i.t.o. usability and functionality for mature businesses. Pastel still provides the best functionality and security that business needs and auditors trust.

Now you can get the power of Pastel Accounting and the flexibility of the cloud with our service. Get quick and easy online access to your data wherever you are. This service works well for clients that want to outsource their accounting work or allow for more remote working arrangements.

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Accountants will benefit from this cloud service as it saves time, by reducing the amount of time having to travel to clients or having to delay processing of journals.

This is an ideal solution for accountants that need to be able to process accounting transactions on behalf of clients. Increase your service levels to clients by being able to collaborate with ease on Pastel accounts. It allows for much more flexible working arrangements when working on Pastel and getting financial statements done in less time. Accountants will be able to become much more effective at servicing their clients with the right tools such as our cloud service.

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Features & Benefits

More time. More productivity. More control.

Access data from anywhere

Get the power of Pastel Accounting and the flexibility of the cloud. Access your data from anywhere with internet access by using our service.

Windows based

Get access to any Windows based software as all software is hosted on the latest version of Windows Server 2016 with a familiar Windows user interface.

Enhanced Reporting

We take care of all your special reporting needs from Pastel Accounting and provide you with the information you need for better decisions.

Number of users only

The service is based on the number of concurrent users i.e. users accessing the remote server at the same time and NOT the number of companies. It is ideal for accountants as you do not have to pay per company.

Control over data

Retain more control over your data compared to the pure cloud based accounting packages.

Daily backups

Daily backups ensure that your data will always be available in case of a disaster such as the theft or loss of your computer.

Redundancy servers

Redundancy servers are always on standby to ensure that your downtime are minimised.

Full cloud support

We are your network partner in the cloud with full support for the cloud servers reducing your need for onsite IT support.

Free data transfer

No initial cost with no charge for setup of the server or data transfer costs. Transfers from systems other than Pastel might incur costs.

Support & Training

Get Pastel support, training and advice on the best ways to setup and use Pastel. Data fixes and resolving of specific errors are all included at no extra cost.

PC in the cloud

Use our service as a PC in the cloud with access to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.) should your computer not be available.

20GB file storage

Use the server like a Dropbox with 20GB file storage for each user and get the benefit of knowing your files are safely stored and backed up in the cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our cloud service.

Yes the service runs via a remote desktop session and works independently from your operating system. It therefor works on Windows and Mac computers.
You will still be able to print to most of the printers you are currently using. The printer drivers for the specific printer might need to be installed on the server.
Internet access speeds have increased substantially over the last couple of years. We have found that a 4MB ADSL or 3G is usually sufficient for a decent connection.
The changes of data corruption on the server should be less than with a normal pc with Pastel installed? The server hardware being used is built for stability and rigorous use and has built in features to ensure high availability. Data remains on the server with only user inputs that are sent over the internet.
You Pastel data remain fully under your control. This is compared with the pure cloud accounting systems where data is stored in a multi-tenant environment.
The physical server hardware is housed in a secure data centre with all the secure and backup systems in place to ensure high availability. This included security access control, climate control and failover backup generators in case of power failures.
The service is provided on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis and is billed monthly with a one month cancellation period.

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